Cotton Candy, Chocolate Milk, & Strawberries and Cream Moisturizing Cleansing Bar Bundle


Everyone's childhood favorite flavors and scents have come true in our Grown up soap bars.

Cotton Candy Moisturizing Cleansing Bar:

This fun bar has some real grown up goodies.   Vitamin E enriched Canola Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Castor Oil, and Organic Palm Kernel Oil (from sustainable forestry). Full of antibacterial properties and Vitamin enriched lather makes this bar ideal for young and old alike.

(Phthalate free Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil).

Chocolate Milk Moisturizing Cleansing Bar:

The Chocolate in this bar is Organic unrefined Coco butter which has a beautiful natural chocolate scent.  Organic Coco butter is amazing for dry skin as it can penetrate thru the top layer of skin helping to give a deep moisturizing feel.  Coco butter is filled with antioxidants which help kill off a wide range of free radicals which damage our skin. The antioxidants found in coco butter are know to be higher than Blueberries....  Who Knew?!

Now comes the milk. Organic Coconut Milk helps to create a barrier of protection for the skin. This beautiful milk helps support natural balance to the skin giving it a natural softness. It also helps to prevent sagging skin, wrinkles, and age spots. With the generous amount of coconut milk in our soap along with our coco butter this should always be on hand (and body) given any skin type and weather condition.

Comes in three types

Colored chocolate with cosmetic grade mica and Phthalate free Chocolate Fragrance oil.( as shown in picture).


No color and a slight sent of Phthalate free Chocolate Fragrance oil.


No color no sent just the natural smell of the Beautiful Organic Coco Butter.

Strawberries and Cream Moisturizing Cleansing Bar

Our Strawberries and Cream bar is as good as it sounds. Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Organic, Castor Oil, and Cream.  Just as women knew long ago, cream was an important part of the beauty routine.

Cream has lactic acid which helps to gently slough off dead skin cells and exfoliates leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. High in Vitamin A , Vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus which also benefits our skin.

Strawberries and cream is excellent for normal to dry skin and may be used on all areas of the body.

Coloring is cosmetic grade mica and the Strawberry Fragrance oil is PHTHALATE FREE.



For External use only.