Eczema Relief Package

This pack adds comfort and calm and most importantly relief to sore itch skin.

ln this package we present our Bath Soaks filled with Oats and combination of Brans to soothe and still the itch. Lavender is add for antibacterial properties and calming affects to the skin. Rose for its healing benefits and Goats Milk.

In this package you have the choice of our Goats Milk Oats and Honey Moisturizing Cleansing Bar, Or our Five Oil Blend Moisturing Cleansing Bar. Either anyone of these will bring great benefit to your skin. ( please note 5oil blend does contain nuts).

You will find also in this package our well sought after -40 Lotion Bar for soothing fast Releif also providing a barrier of protection.  

Your chice of Goats Milk Oats and Honey Lotion and our Walnut and Balck Cumin Seed Oil Lotion also known for there soothing and antibacterial properties.

Our testers have given us over whelming response to this product and now we are ready to bring it to you.

Each Pkg. will have 

4 soothing bath soaks

1 moisturizing cleansing bar

-40 Lotion bar

and your choice of either lotions

This is about a  30 day supply.