Lg. Walnut & Black Cumin Seed Oil Lotion, Sugar Shack Scrub & Lavender Bud Moisturizing Bar Collection

 The large Walnut & Black Cumin Seed Oil Lotion is a rich luxurious invaluable asset in any bathroom spa treatment.


Walnut and Black Cumin Seed Oil Lotion:

Walnut Oil: This one oil full of omega 3 fatty acids, minerals with anti fungal properties giving great relief to those with eczema and psoriasis.

Black Cumin Seed Oil.  This little seed packs a powerful punch. It has been quoted to cure all but death. For the skin it brings Vt B, B2, B3, zinc, and folic acid. Black Cumin Seed Oil has over a 100 compounds making this oil one to respect and a must have.  Just these two oils combined together in our lotion brings alligator skin relief. My personal favorite.


Four Salt Scrub: Four salts really? Yes each one brings something to the party with our secret oil recipe (please note some contain nuts and one can be made for you without just contact us ). This scrub will leave your skin with a beautiful polished glow. The Lavender essential oil leaves the skin calm, relaxed and refreshed.


Lavender Bud And Honey Moisturizing Bar:

Made with organic coconut oil. olive oil, castor oil, organic lavender buds for mild exfoliation, honey full of anti-oxidants that nourish cleanse and rehydrate the skin, white clay and lavender essential oil for a calm relax skin.

With the benefit of the white clay think of this as a mini facial.

This a top seller for both men and women who suffer with oily to acne skin. Our customers with oily and acne skin type find this moisturizing cleansing bar extremely helpful in calming and reducing the inflammation that sometimes effects these skin types.







For external use only.